Eco Wipe n' Cloth 

We pride ourselves on ensuring the highest level of service and quality!

Emphasized at each stage of the production process from the initial consultation of the clients bale needs to the export of the finished product- from start to finish our clients satisfaction is foremost and paramount.

Throughout each step of the production process our dedicated and well trained staff carefully hand select, sort and cut each piece. Packed in small or large bales customized to meet the specific needs of each of each customer.

30 % of our production is distributed to local industrial companies, supplying them with wiping rags. Our wiping rags are perfect sizes and are consistent with what the technicians and millwright's are using to get the job done.
Our quality clothing is shipped out of 40ft high cube packed containers.

Products & Services 

We provide the highest level of quality goods and services to meet your needs.
Below please find a list of our available products:

Wiping Cloth 

  • White Knit 
  • Color Knit
  • White Sweats
  • Color Sweat
  • Light Flannel
  • Color Flannel
  • Terry Towel
  • White Terry
  • Denim

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